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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Sugar Addicts Diet

The best detox to lose weight

Sugar seems to be addictive to a certain degree. The human body learns fast that sugar means energy and that a lot of energy running through the system translates into a good overall mood. Unfortunately, the good mood lasts just as long as the amount of sugar in your blood stays above a certain level.
Once the amount of sugar drops below that particular level, the mood changes and the body starts craving the next sugar fix that will make everything look good once more. In this respect, sugar seems to operate just like any other psychoactive substance or like adrenaline. You can learn to get high on all these substances.
The Sugar Addicts’ Diet focuses on breaking the addiction to sugar in order to prevent the mood swings that prompt the addict to reach out for one more sugary treat. These mood swings are hard to resist and the promise of the next fix is so tempting that many people have no idea they’re hooked on something that is not healthy. Truth be known, most addicts don’t want to face reality and understand the truth about their addiction and many people hooked on sugar or adrenalin have absolutely no idea that they’re using a substance to prop up their moods.
This diet is largely based on the Glycemic Index approach because its purpose is to weed out the sugary foods and replace them with foods belonging to a lower Glycemic Index that release their sugar content slowly into the bloodstream and do not trigger the rush. The basic idea is to identify hidden sugar in the foods you eat. Many people don’t know that it’s not just sweets or soft drinks that contain sugar, but also a lot of sauces, dips, yogurts and ready-to-eat foods have enough sugar in them to cause the mood swings.
It’s pretty easy to figure that this diet is more of a lifestyle choice than a proper diet. Of course you will lose weight by avoiding the foods rich in sugar, but we cannot be sure if this is the best way to go for a committed user. If you want to lose a certain number of pounds in a certain number of weeks, then you’re probably better off choosing another eating plan because nobody knows how fast you can lose weight under this one. Still, as a long-term maintenance solution, this eating plan is a good idea, especially for those who are used to eating a lot of sweets and are afraid that all those lost pounds will come back.

The best detox to lose weight

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  1. Once the hard work is gone from my life, after getting some comforts, like moped to speed upthe work, I think, it mades my sugar, only after 12years. Eating habits made it nice, a decipline came into life to have homely food or raw vegetables grown on crawllers.and fruits

  2. Very good./ A few years ago, though Im not diabetic, I bought glucose meter, and would test my sugar after meals and at various times. Really stunning how drastically some things impact your sugar level, and for how long. A meal or snack you would think would have little impact can make your sugar go from 80 to 150 and stay there for hours.

    As you know, the glycemic index is just a reading of the averages of a given food, how it impacted a group of people, and then that impact was averaged. But if you can afford it, you can take your own blood sugar, that nails it.

    I got away from doing that, I need to get back on it. When you see those numbers over 120 or 140, it's a shocker, and it motivates you to wait and be more careful what you eat. Its very well for weight loss.

  3. I am diabetic. Before I was diagnosed, when I was already type 2, I often felt a desperate need for sugary things. How strange is that? Since being on medication that craving has gone.




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